Culture Well Launches, Explores Topics of What It Means to Be Human

Some choices in life, more than others, are leaps of faith. Quitting your job to chase dreamy pursuits, moving across the world, getting married, may not be acts inspired by the mind, but of the heart—a feeling deep-down that something is just right.

That is how I feel about this website. For some time, I have wanted a platform that gathered interesting news from interdisciplinary fields (humanities, science and art, for example) and, as a whole, illuminated life’s complexities, meaning and beauty. This collection, and occasional exclusive commentary, would be served up in a central location, on a not-too-flashy, easy-to-read site.

Voila! Enter Culture Well, a personal project that curates material from all corners of the infosphere—mainstream media sites, journal databases, trade publications, facebook news feeds and good old-fashioned conversations—and supplements it with related original content. For now, CW will mostly highlight an aggregate of published, culture-related news.

This site is for a variety of people: the artist craving inspiration, the waitress daydreaming of her next adventure, the hitchhiking expat seeking an alternative path to a destination, the parent in awe of her child’s new experiences in the world, the academic valuing education as a tool to making the world a better place, the activist fighting for what they believe is a just cause and, in general, the curious types who defy labels but are often wondering, thinking, dreaming.

I welcome you here. Thank you for your patience as the site evolves.